There is a Difference!
National Platform Comparison

Republicans          vs           Democrat


Against           Gun Control       For
Against             Abortion           For
Against           Obamacare        For
Against   Same Sex Marriage   For

   For  Personal Responsibility Against 
   For       Capital Punishment   Against
   For            School Prayer        Against
   For      Limited Government   Against
   For         Balanced Budget      Against


Forget Republican or Democrat for a minute...
Party affiliation should only be determined after you first figure out what you believe.

• If you believe in limited government.

• If you believe that the U.S. Constitution extremely limits the powers of the federal government.

• If you believe the 2nd amendment gives people the absolute right to keep and bear arms.

• If you I believe we must secure our borders first, and then systematically work to remove illegal immigrants (from all Countries) from our Country. This is not about mexicans, it's about our ability to protect ourselves from attack, and to keep our economy from collapsing under the weight of social services provided to people who come here from socialistic countries.

• If you believe that lower taxes are a must.

• If you believe that our economy rests of the shoulders of its small business owners, who create jobs.

• If you believe that overregulation stifles growth.

• If you believe that people are smart enough to make the best decisions with their money, and not politicians.

• If you believe that our education system is in shambles. Parents pay taxes to local school districts without the ability to choose where to send their schools. We need vouchers to put parents back in control.

If you believe these things, then you might just be a Republican.


RPT's Mission
To promote a conservative philosophy of government
•  By promoting conservative principles; and
•  By providing the infrastructure through which those who share our conservative principles can get involved in the political process, run for and be elected to public office, and govern according to our principles when elected.

What Republicans Believe
A platform is the formal declaration of the principles on which a party stands and makes it appeal to voters.  Basically, it is the Party's statement of beliefs on certain issues.  As explained below, the RPT platform is passed at the state convention in June of even-numbered years.

Becoming a Republican
Texas does not have registration by political party.  A voter becomes a Republican by voting in the Republican Primary or Republican Primary Run-Off.

Primary Process
Political parties hold a primary election in March of even numbered years.  Currently, only two parties hold primaries - the Republican Party and the Democrat Party.

In Texas, registered voters may vote in either political party’s primary; however, a voter may vote in only one party’s primary in each election cycle.

If a voter votes in one party’s primary, he may not vote in the other party's run-off election in that same year.  Registered voters who do not vote in the primary election may vote in a run-off election of either party that year.

Republican Primary voters elect the Republican candidates who will appear on the general election ballot, their precinct chairmen, and their county chairmen.  Thus, primary voters have a greater influence on the final outcome of the general election than those who only vote in the general election.

Those who vote in the Republican primary election (either in person or by mail) can then attend the various Republican Party conventions held that year.